Mosaic Arts Alliance Presents You’ve Got to Have ART! Dec. 5-29

Mosaic Arts Alliance Presents You’ve Got to Have ART!

December 5-29, 2018

Opening Reception: December 7 5-9 pm

Since the dawn of mankind, art has been essential to expressing what it means to be human, from the Lascaux cave paintings to the digital art of today.​​ You’ve Got to Have Art! features 2D and 3D art by local artists who responded to an open call. For more information about Mosaic Arts Alliance visit:

Mosaic Arts Alliance is a 501(c) 3 which provides local 2D and 3D artists of all media the opportunity for collaborative and creative growth.

Our mission is to foster the creation of art in our community, thereby enhancing the beauty of our city.

Mosaic member artists pay annual dues of $50 which provides them the option to exhibit their artwork in Mosaic Arts Alliance art shows, art events, and “art in the business” locations.

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Celebration of the Male Form: Open Call for Artists

Art by Jane Scott

Open call to artists for entries into Angst Gallery’s annual Celebration of the Male Form show (January 4-26, 2019).

Art museums around the world are filled with images and representations of the human figure. Some of the Western world’s most famous and compelling works depict people, both clothed and unclothed. It usually goes unnoticed that the art has a disproportionate amount of female figures compared to male figures, especially nude forms.

Angst Gallery showcases the male form at the beginning of each year in order to bring more balance to the equation. We see this as an opportunity to appreciate the male body for what it is–natural, beautiful, and worthy of aesthetic examination–while also acknowledging the gender imbalance in the art world both behind the scenes as well as in the work being displayed in museums and galleries. The show will include depictions of the male form in various media.

Submit up to three pieces. Sliding scale submission fee $10-20.

Consignment form

Intake of artwork will happen on Saturday, December 22 2-6 pm and Wednesday, January 2 11am-2pm.

If neither of those times work, please contact Leah Jackson ( to make other arrangements.

Unsold artworks can be picked up from noon til 5 on Saturday, January 26.

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