Inauguration Angst

Inauguration Angst
February 3-25, 2017

First Friday Reception: February 3, 5-9pm

Many people are very scared about what could happen to our civil liberties and personal freedoms once Donald Trump takes over as President of the United States. Angst Gallery is offering local artists the opportunity to craft a response to their fears in an effort to initiate a conversation about how to bring people together. This is your chance to express your concerns in a work of art. Choose your form: music, poetry, visual art. We will provide a venue for our continued conversation about America’s future.

Angst Gallery showcases cultural events including art shows, musical performances, book launch parties, classes, workshops, and the monthly Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic. All art forms are valued. More than just a place to show art, Angst Gallery is also a safe space for community discussion, where all people are respected for who they are.

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Sixth Annual Celebration of the Male Form

Above:”Feconder” by Nikki Hansen

First Friday Art Walk Opening Reception:

January 6, 5-9pm
Show: January 6-27, 2017

Art museums around the world are filled with images and representations of the human figure. Some of the Western world’s most famous and compelling works depict people, both clothed and unclothed. However, there is more work by male artists in these museums and galleries. It usually goes unnoticed that the art has a disproportionate amount of female figures compared to male figures, especially nude forms.

Angst Gallery showcases the Male Form at the beginning of each year in order to bring more balance to the equation. We see this as an opportunity to appreciate the male body for what it is–natural, beautiful, and worthy of aesthetic examination–while also acknowledging the gender imbalance in the art world as well as the work that is being put forward. Depictions of the male form in all mediums will be considered for inclusion in this show.

Open call to artists for entries into Angst Gallery’s Sixth Annual Celebration of the Male Form, opening at 5pm on January 6, 2017 during the Vancouver Art District’s Art Walk.

There are no fees to enter up to three works of art to be considered. Artwork can only be delivered during the two drop off days specified below. Angst Gallery reserves the right to disqualify any artwork that does not fit into the theme of Male Form or that is not ready for hanging.

Intake of artwork will happen on Monday, January 2 between 3pm and 8pm and Tuesday, January 3 between 12:30 and 8pm. The show opens January 6. The reception takes place from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The show will hang through January 27. Unsold artworks can be picked up from noon til 5 on Saturday, January 28.

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Eight Years of Angst – Angst Gallery’s Eighth Anniversary Group Show

First Friday Reception: December 2

Show: December 2-31

Angst Gallery is having a birthday! To celebrate our eighth anniversary we are having a special exhibit in December to showcase all the artists who have shown here over the years.

See work by many of the people who have shown at the gallery throughout its history, including Toni Partington, Christopher Luna, Erin Dengerink, Christine Eagon, Julian Nelson, Michele Venclik, Bill Leigh, Reid Trevarthen, Richard Schemmerer, Gwendolyn Morgan, Greg Ianto Bee, Marianne Stokes, and more.

In addition, there will be live painting by Coty Keller as Christopher Luna improvises a special poem beginning at 6. Christopher hopes to involve everyone in attendance in the creation of this special piece to commemorate eight years of art at Angst.

*UPDATE 12/31* Click on the link below to read the poem.

Click link to read the 8 years at angst-colaborative poem

or view the facebook photo album.

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Film Noir Posters from Roger Paulson

First Friday Opening Reception: November 4, 5-9pm

Roger Paulson has been collecting movie posters since the 1970s. Tracing a career in the theatre business, his archive is a reflection of the popularity of American movie-going from the 1940s through the present. Starting simply, by saving posters from careless disposal at theatres, the collection doubled in size before 1980, when several large acquisitions arrived from another collector in Canada. Those came from a long-closed rural theatre in the U.S. which had substituted posters as insulation in its walls. When finally discovered prior to the theatre’s demolition, it was one of the last large treasure chests of pre-1960 movie memorabilia.
Within Paulson’s collection are many classic posters which depict the film genre now known as “film noir.” Many such films were low budget B-pictures, produced for the bottom half of double features. They were often found in second run low admission downtown theatres. The strongest marketing tool for these theatres was a wildly colorful poster full of action and sex which drew from heavy sidewalk traffic.

Cinemaniac! is the business Paulson established to handle gradual dissemination of the posters. Prime examples of the movie posters which propelled film noir through the 1940s and 1950s can be seen in the show at Angst Gallery from November 4-26. Many of the posters displayed will be for sale along with original theatre Lobby Cards, which combine movie art graphics and actual scenes in a convenient 11”x14” size for display. All of the materials in this showing are genuine motion picture posters produced by film studios for use in theatre engagements.

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Food Culture of Southwest Washington

slowfoodSlow Food Southwest Washington is hosting an art show at Angst Gallery this October that will showcase our food regions — Valley, Estuary, Forest and Highlands. Artists are welcome to submit art in all media that captures the essence of one of Southwest Washington’s four food regions (see Call for submission below). The exhibit will be an opportunity to highlight local eco-gastronomic chefs, farmers and local food pioneers, while reclaiming an artistic language for the flavor, environment and people that make up this food region..

The Food Culture of Southwest Washington art exhibit will open on Friday, October 7th, from 5:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m., 2016 and will run through Saturday, October 29th.

On Tuesdays throughout October, a food photography class will be offered, along with a menu highlighting the best of Southwest Washington’s eco-gastronomic traditions.

Food photography classes will be held each Tuesday in October 6:30–8:30. Each class will be $50. Contact for more info and questions on package deals:

The Art Exhibit is a fundraiser for Slow Foods Southwest Washington.

Call for Submission: Food Culture of Southwest Washington Exhibit

Submit your art and help Slow Food Southwest Washington highlight regional eco-gastronomic chefs, farmers and local food pioneers, while reclaiming an artistic language for the flavor, environment and people that make up this food region.


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Jason Phelps Presents Precipice at Angst Gallery September 2016

Show: September 2 – October 1

Artist Talk
Friday, September 16

Jason Phelps presents “Precipice,” an abstract examination of culture and nature. Jason finds ways to incorporate the memory of found objects into his work, resulting in compositions rich in material and metallic color. He juxtaposes geometric and organic shapes through the skillful utilization of both painterly and sculptural processes. Jason is a transplant from Southern Oregon who enjoys making and teaching art.

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Magic of the Animals: Paintings by Gwendolyn Morgan

August 5 – 27: Magic of the Animals Exhibit on Display

Please join us on Friday, August 5 for a reception to celebrate Gwendolyn Morgan’s exhibit Magic of the Animals

After inheriting paint brushes and boxes from her grandmother nearly a decade ago, Gwendolyn Morgan became more attentive to her creative process. As an emerging artist, she holds much gratitude for the encouragement of local artists including Susan Bourdet, Flora Bowley, Margaret Hartsook, Cecelia Henle, Alena Hennessy, Mollie Hashimoto, Jude Siegel, Katherine Dunn, and Andre Thrams, amazing women, artists and teachers who focus on creative expression as a means for healing and attaining wholeness. As a child, Gwendolyn dreamed of being a naturalist, artist and writer.  As an adult, she imagined painting more realistically. Nonetheless, her whimsical birds and animals have emerged again and again.

With a M.F.A. in Creative Writing from Goddard College, and a M.Div. from San Francisco Theological Seminary and the Graduate Theological Union, Morgan has been a recipient of artist and writing residencies at Artsmith, Caldera, Into the Depths of Winter, and Soapstone. She has been published in numerous anthologies, blogs and literary journals. Gwendolyn Morgan’s first book of poems, Crow Feathers, Red Ochre, Green Tea, received the Wild Earth Poetry Prize from Hiraeth Press. Snowy Owls, Egrets and Unexpected Graces will be released by Hiraeth Press ( in late July 2016. Gwendolyn and Judy A. Rose, her spouse, share their home with Abbey Skye, a rescued Pembroke Welsh Corgi.

7pm Saturday, August 20 at Angst Gallery: Book Launch for Gwendolyn Morgan’s Snowy Owls, Egrets and Unexpected Graces with singer and songwriter Judy A. Rose on Native American Flute.

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Lady Bond Presents – The Life of Tattoos

Lady Bond invites you into the beautiful, chaotic life of the tattoo. Join us for a month of exciting events to accompany the show. Inspired by history, personal experiences, life around us, and then brought forth into the skin, tattoos express an interpretation of a particular experience, emotion, or idea. Each piece has an identity, a personality, a life.

Lady Bond began her tattoo career in 2008, leaving the “corporate world” behind. Inspired by The Alchemist, by Paulo Coelho, Bond is committed to following her personal legend. She explores many artistic mediums and styles. She is married, has two amazing small, furry children (dogs), and enjoys the beautiful thing called life.

First Friday Opening Reception: July 1
Show: July 1-30

July 1 Opening Reception includes the following:
Artist Talk
Q&A – About the Artist and about Tattoos
Featuring in-person tattooed art pieces

On July 16 Lady Bond celebrates Cruisin the Gut with a Temporary Tattoo Station

July 30th Closing Night/Gallery Finale Party  include the following:
Temporary Tattoo Station
Client Talk – Their stories of why they have the tattoos they have
Show off your ink” Runway
Photo Booth

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Contemporary Abstract Paintings–Exploring the Unknown by Karen Folgarelli


**Update 6/7/16 – Special thanks to Columbian writer, Scott Hewitt for his article about Karen Folgarelli, whose work will be on display at Angst Gallery through June 25.

Opening Reception: June 3, 5-9pm
Show: June 3-25
Artist Talk: June 11, 4-6pm

Karen Folgarelli was trained in illustration and design. She worked as an art director and photography stylist before discovering process painting. Inspired by science, music, metaphysics, literature and a childlike sense of wonder, her work merges the physical with a metaphysical quest for discovery and personal evolution. Her experiments reflect an acceptance of the inevitability of change, challenging the known and familiar, and pushing the viewer beyond comfort to birth the new.

Artist Statement: Abstract art contains the essence of non-cognitive awareness in a manner that is undefinable. It is visual poetry. It holds mysteries where the inner and outer senses merge. All of life is a fluid work of art. I paint to reveal the unfolding expression of merging moments. Inspired by the infinite details of inner and outer landscapes, my perspective flows between the microcosm and the macrocosm, the physical and the metaphysical. I study the paradox of life, operating from the hypothesis that the observer and the observed are one. Perception and attitude are the bridge to parting the veils, revealing One Living Being intricately woven into a tapestry of expression.


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