Contemporary Abstract Paintings–Exploring the Unknown by Karen Folgarelli


**Update 6/7/16 – Special thanks to Columbian writer, Scott Hewitt for his article about Karen Folgarelli, whose work will be on display at Angst Gallery through June 25.

Opening Reception: June 3, 5-9pm
Show: June 3-25
Artist Talk: June 11, 4-6pm

Karen Folgarelli was trained in illustration and design. She worked as an art director and photography stylist before discovering process painting. Inspired by science, music, metaphysics, literature and a childlike sense of wonder, her work merges the physical with a metaphysical quest for discovery and personal evolution. Her experiments reflect an acceptance of the inevitability of change, challenging the known and familiar, and pushing the viewer beyond comfort to birth the new.

Artist Statement: Abstract art contains the essence of non-cognitive awareness in a manner that is undefinable. It is visual poetry. It holds mysteries where the inner and outer senses merge. All of life is a fluid work of art. I paint to reveal the unfolding expression of merging moments. Inspired by the infinite details of inner and outer landscapes, my perspective flows between the microcosm and the macrocosm, the physical and the metaphysical. I study the paradox of life, operating from the hypothesis that the observer and the observed are one. Perception and attitude are the bridge to parting the veils, revealing One Living Being intricately woven into a tapestry of expression.