The Celestial Seas: The Art of Coty Keller March 3-31

First Friday Opening Reception: March 3, 5-9pm

Join us in March for The Celestial Seas, paintings by Coty Keller that feature a cosmic re-imagining of our most alien, yet terrestrial, sea creatures, and a reminder that we are on an island oasis in a desert of uninhabitable planets.

Coty Keller has been moved to paint and draw since the moment he was able to hold his first crayon as a child. With the support and encouragement of his family, this interest grew into a passion. Coty’s work is inspired by artists including Alex Grey, M.C. Escher, Salvador Dali, Frank Frazetta, and H.R. Giger. He also has a deep appreciation for the Renaissance Masters, and in particular, Leonardo da Vinci, whose many contributions to art and science Keller finds astounding. Coty attended the Art Institute of Pittsburgh’s online program for two years and continues to study independently to develop various skills in drawing, painting, and other art forms.

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