May 5-27, 2017

First Friday Opening Reception: May 5, 5-9pm

Spring is a time of renewal which offers an opportunity for hope often missing in our current sociopolitical climate. Join us as we celebrate the spirit of Spring with work by six local artists.

Greg Bee
Erin Dengerink
Sophia Hale
Bryan Helfrich
Leah Jackson
Reid Trevarthen

Already an art major, Greg Bee had a cerebral aneurysm in 2014 which altered his perception as well as his emotional response to making art. Greg focuses on mixed media, with each piece utilizing several media and skills. Major themes include mythology, archetypes, and symbolism. Working as a nanny and a wine steward, Greg carefully puts aside time for friends and video games.

Erin Dengerink is a transdisciplinary artist who works with the themes of love and loss. Her artwork often incorporates natural material such as flowers, leaves, and rocks.

Sophia Hale is a student at Vancouver School of Arts and Academics who works with clay. This show marks a return to the medium; she has not touched clay for seven years.

Bryan Helfrich is a Type II – minus being, interdimensional microbiome, artist and designer.

Angst Gallery Director Leah Jackson is an arts advocate and bicycle activist. She is one of the founding members of the Mosaic Arts Alliance and owner of both Angst Gallery, in downtown Vancouver, and the adjacent wine and art bar, Niche (1013 Main Street).

Reid Trevarthen uses National Geographic Magazines as a source material for his impressionistic collages of people, and