The Hum Line – Art by Erin Dengerink

The Hum Line
Art by Erin Dengerink
August 4-26, 2017

First Friday Opening Reception: August 4, 5-9pm

When Erin Dengerink was growing up her family had a small cabin in northern Idaho without electricity or running water, and no people for miles around. Her family spent large amounts of each summer living in that remote space. The best gift her parents gave her was the freedom to explore the woods, meadows, and streams of that area. She learned how to entertain herself and how to avoid bears. Dengerink wandered trails alone collecting rocks and flowers to bring back to the cabin. Often she would dissect the flowers or smash the rocks with a hammer to get to know their structure. Dengerink came to know the landscape through the specimens that she brought home in her pockets. That same process of carefully collecting and observing is integral to Dengerink’s current art practice. Small overlooked and discarded things continue to inform her understanding of the world.