The Elusive Sense by Donald Haynes

November 3-25, 2017
Opening Reception – 5 pm Friday, November 3, 2017

Join us in November for The Elusive Sense, featuring work by Donald Haynes. Haynes spent two years studying painting with Alexander Rokoff. His creative work also includes photography and sculpture. Throughout the years, Haynes has “[stayed] with the figure and the essence within it, winding about it my ideas and symbols, empty and full, as they always are.” For examples of Donald’s work, visit:

Artist Statement
The years have gone by and, aside from supporting myself by being a handyman/carpenter/jack of all trades, always something else has called. So I wrote this and that and had a couple of coffee shop photo shows. Welded some sculpture. Cast a few things in concrete. Made some furniture. But when I walked by a window on Mississippi some twelve years ago and saw someone painting the green likeness of a Greek statue’s head, something inside me knew I could do that. And when, some weeks later, in a bar across town, the guy on the next barstool recommended I try his friend’s oil painting classes, it turned out to be the same place. So this is the beginning of this story: I walked into Rokoff Studio and met Alexander Rokoff and began my two years of, as he called it, a boot camp for painters. The years have gone by and I have kept to my course and put in many hours after I finished my time there, staying with the figure and the essence within it, winding about it my ideas and symbols, empty and full, as they always are. Put in the time and work. Sacrifice what you need to to carve out a space to work in as freely as you can manage. Find your vision and be true to it. Believe what you need to–it is the power which fuels the work.

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Questionable World Leaders by Bryan Helfrich

Local graphic, graffiti and fine artist Bryan Helfrich presents a series of unflattering portraits of the most divisive world leaders in recent history. On display from October 6-28, Questionable World Leaders features twelve portraits of ruling-class riff raff from around the world including Idi Amin, Fidel Castro, Margaret Thatcher, Saddam Hussein and other scoundrels ranging from years ago to the present day. These compelling acrylic portraits, displayed in carefully curated vintage frames, capture some of the most infamous, dangerous and f#$%ing ridiculous characters in modern geopolitics. #questionableworldleaders #qwl

Questionable World Leaders Events Schedule:

Opening reception – 5pm First Friday October 6

Artist Talk: 6pm October 14

Show runs through October 28

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