Call for Submission for the Seventh Annual Celebration of the Male Form

Art museums around the world are filled with images and representations of the human figure. Some of the Western world’s most famous and compelling works depict people, both clothed and unclothed. It usually goes unnoticed that the art has a disproportionate amount of female figures compared to male figures, especially nude forms.

Angst Gallery showcases the Male Form at the beginning of each year in order to bring more balance to the equation. We see this as an opportunity to appreciate the male body for what it is–natural, beautiful, and worthy of aesthetic examination–while also acknowledging the gender imbalance in the art world as well as the work that is being put forward. Depictions of the male form in all mediums will be considered for inclusion in this show.

Open call to artists for entries into Angst Gallery’s Sixth Annual Celebration of the Male Form, opening at 5pm on January 5, 2018 during the Vancouver Art District’s Art Walk.

Each artist can submit up to three pieces for a submission fee of five dollars per artist. Artwork can only be delivered during the two drop-off days specified below.  Angst Gallery reserves the right to disqualify any artwork that does not fit into the theme of Male Form or that is not ready for hanging. Please fill out the linked consignment agreement and bring it with your submissions.

Intake of artwork will happen on Friday, December 29, 2017 between noon and 5pmSaturday, December 30 between noon and 5. The show opens January 5, 2018. The reception takes place from 5:00 pm to 9:00 pm. The show will hang through January 27. Unsold artworks can be picked up from two until eight pm on Tuesday, January 30.

First Friday Art Walk Opening Reception: January 55-9pm

Show: January 5-27, 2018

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RED at Angst Gallery

(Above) Art for RED at Angst Gallery September 1-23, 2017. Artists, from left to right: Christopher Luna, Gloria Lawten-McCulloch, Alvaro Tarrago, Jason Mayer, Jason Berlin Thomas, Cynthia Heise, and Karen Filipas.

An exhibition focused on the color red which will open on September 1 and close on September 23, 2017. Artworks relate to the theme in concept or palette. The September exhibition coincides with the International Redhead Days (September 1-4) and will celebrate all things red. Red is the most visceral and contradictory of the primary colors. It is the color of sunsets, love, passion, anger, and blood. Artists are invited to consider finding inspiration in the colors found in nature and industry.

First Friday Opening Reception: September 1, 5-9pm

Show: September 1-23

Angst Gallery showcases cultural events including art shows, musical performances, book launch parties, classes, workshops, and the monthly Ghost Town Poetry Open Mic. All art forms are valued. More than just a place to show art, Angst Gallery is also a safe space for community discussion, where all people are respected for who they are.

Red @ Angst Gallery – Photo by Christine Eagon.


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