Family Corvidae

Family Corvidae May 4-26

First Friday Opening Reception: 5-9pm May 4

Show: May 4-26

Corvidae Family – Inspired Art by Local Artists

Family Corvidae is a group show presented in conjunction with “Escape From Audubon,” presented by our neighbors at Art at the Cave (108 East Evergreen Blvd., Vancouver) and featuring art by Cynthia Heise, Anne John, Bill Leigh, William Park, Kathi Rick, and Michael Smith. According to Cave co-founder Anne John, their show “is based on the little-known fact that the Audubon Society is named after a prolific artist who prolifically killed his subject matter in order to paint them. As a bird lover, the dichotomy is striking. Our intention is not to invite the disapproval of the Audubon Society, which does wonderful work saving and protecting avian creatures. However, as artists, we just can’t help ourselves sometimes.”

For inspiration:

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Cover photo art by Erin Dengerink.

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