Biographies of Jewelers displaying at Angst Gallery

HumbleBug Jewelry

jewelersFounded in 2008 by owner Crystal Humble by the need to wear affordable but unique jewelry designs, she decided to try her hand at making personal jewelry with a funky flair! Humblebug Jewelry is a line of handcrafted pieces that pulls together elements of new and vintage materials as well as antique designs, into new, wearable pieces of art. Favorite combinations are mixing rhinestones, mixed metals, natural elements and glass for lovely and unique designs. You can picture Crystal in her home studio shed on whatever evenings she can slip away while her baby is sleeping, with a glass of wine on her right and pandora playing on the phone, surrounded by twinkle lights and bliss in the air. Creating jewelry brings her joy and purpose and a much needed outlet for artistic expression. As she likes to say, “My jewelry is not for everyone…but is meant for someone.” Etsy

Steel and Stones

steel and stones
Steel and Stones jewelers – Julio & Serena
Handcrafted one of a kind pieces of stainless steel jewelry.  Every piece is hand-formed using only pliers, hammer and an anvil. Stones are carefully selected and each piece is lovingly designed with the beauty of the stone in mind.  Julio has been making jewelry in Mexico for 9 years.  Serena and Julio started working together in 2014.

We met in at a park on Oaxaca, Mexico by chance but nothing short of love and commitment has kept us together. We thrive while working together to design and create jewelry. Our strengths balance each other nicely. Unless we are shopping for stones! Our obsession over beautiful stones is a joint weakness.

Selling our jewelry un galleries and online provides us a means to continue our business and a relationship when we are not in Mexico creating together.

Our goal is to work in the same country at the same time. But for now during our times apart, jewelry keeps us close. Thank goodness for the internet where we share our ideas , newest creations or favorite new stones!

Purchasing things your love helps us create a life together.